The MBGuide project was started in responce to one of the most important modern challenges: how not to be lost in the ocean of informations and elaborate technologies, which stay around us everywhere, including journeys? The MBGuide project mission is to provide the tourists and residents with important and relevant information about the sorrounding environment. MBGuide can voice the informations if reading from the screen is inappropriate.

MBGuide is based upon many modern technologies. Utilizing geoinformation server-side API from OpenStreetMap and a client-side speech engine, the application quickly and without extra traffic will provide the smartphone owner with data filtered according to his preferences.

MBGuide: showing you your personal road.

Here we list some related to project scientific works:

  1. Harvesting Multiple Sources for User Profile Learning: a Big Data Study (NUSMSS Dataset)
  2. Cross-Social Network Collaborative Recommendation
  3. Cross-Platform online venue and user community recommendation based upon social networks data mining

Our project came up   in  July 2012. The initial version is currently in development.

We have successfully participated in the SumIT Startup School, where we could communicate with many investors and business angels, and where we received invitations to participate in a number of startup accelerators like Farminers.

The presentation below was used for public demonstration of the projests in SumIT Startup School, which took place in July 21 .. August 31, 2012 in SPb.

Our partners

Microsoft BizSpark

How to contact us?

Open for collaboration. If interested, please email us: farseev@u.nus.edu